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Monday, December 21, 2009

baju nikah

i always in love with white. for nikah especially. sangat suci gitu. and i always think white=pengantin, pengantin=white. hehehe. tapi sbb suka sangat kaler putih, ade je baju kurung saya yang berwarna putih. :)

so for my baju nikah, white is a must. no other colour will do. heh. and i actually already tempah the baju at one boutique at Ampang Park. De Couture Boutique nama kedai tu.

i first found this boutique when i was attached to Ranhill Worley in 2008. that time the office is located at Empire Tower, opposite of Ampang Park. Setiap hari pon kene lalu kat Ampang Park tu sbb nak naik train kat situ kan... then one day i saje jalan-jalan kat area atas tu, and baju yang display kat kedai tu... Mak aiii. sangat chantek! the colour: off white. (i kan suka kaler putih). lagila mak teruja okei!

Get in the shop, tanye-tanye dan tau la sket2 harga baju kat situ. and they also have sets of veil collection which i found very nice and elegant at the same time.

few weeks later, one of my best friend who is getting married at that time asked whether i know where to buy a very good veil for her nikah. then i told her bout the boutique.

so off she went, and tadaaaa~~
terus 'ter'beli kain baju nikah skali. padahal baju nikah original dah beli + siap dah. hahahaha.

so this is her. Ayu her name. wedding date 17 May 2008.

 Ayu in her dream baju nikah

view from the back. note that the veil are in complete set with the baju.

I think the baju is made from crepe silk. the lining she used was in creame colour.

Us with the bride:

For more of this picture, can view here

Then a year later, another best friend of mine get married too. and guess what. she also used the same boutique for her nikah outfit.

and this is her, Radiyah (a.k.a Atart) in her nikah outfit. 04.04.09 with me of course:

i xde full baju gamba, so ini i amek dr Munie (the MUA) blog.

*Munie weblink: Munie Ahmad

chantek kan baju die? beads banyak betol. :)

For more of her and us, view at my personal blog. For more info on the boutique, view it here.

so i decided. My nikah outfit will be from the same boutique also. :))

dah tempah. yeay! tunggu siap je by end of February. Saje mintak awal sebab i risau nanti ade bende kene alter. dah la uncle tu jahit jauh gila kat india sane. so baik awal-awal dapatkan baju nikah tu. :)

dan itulah die cerita baju nikah saya. :)

updated: my baju nikah lepas dah siap:

masa nikah

nikah lagi

terus pakai utk reception

train baju.

for more: visit here

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